Dr. Darush is such a good Dr. I recommend him to everyone. He takes his time to listen to what you want and will answer any questions or concerns you may have. Not once has he rushed me, you might have to wait a bit, but thats only because he gives every patient his undivided attention and never rushes anyone. TO me he is awesome and SO worth the wait. Also swelling was so minimal and no bruising on my lips...woohoo

Very good prices, good service..professional ...Dr Daruch he always take his time with me ...simple words the best place in the valley !!!!!! tienen Los majores precios muy profesional un gran amigo nunca recomienda algo que no necesita ... En simple palabras el mejor lugar en el Valley!!

I totally recommend this spot the prices are good I walked in on them without an appointment a few times and they've taken me. The doctors nice he recommended I use radiance it's an instant lift to my aging face and I'm happy. check them out the price is right the people are nice... get some fillers some Botox laser some hair off or maybe grow your lashes they have all kinds of stuff. Check them out. Anyway Thanks girls! Thanks Doc!

Excellent deal Thursdays and Fridays - Xeomin $8 per unit. And Dr. Darush is super competent, very experienced and easy going. Will go back!

Best ever! They deserve 10 stars!

Here is why:

Free and easy parking lot availability! Seriously don't u get annoyed that every where u go these days u have to pay another $3-20 for parking?

The staff: unpretentious, helpful and knowledgable. Norma is great!

The doctor: Yes, seeing the doctor Vs. A nurse or PA. Dr Daroosh has great manners and actually listens and discusses ur course of treatment, suggests alternatives that are less expensive and/or more effective. All without an eye on his watch!

The cost: very reasonable without giving up on quality. Which in my case meant I actually got more units of Botox for less I have paid other places.

The wait time: not even 5 minutes! This is one of my biggest pet peeves I give a 30-40 minutes window for wait time b/c I understand doctors have emergencies that come up in their patient care. It's different than a hair or nail appt! :)

So, overall a fantastic experience!

Love love this place. Dr darush is the best, he knows exactly what I need. I get botox there and if you get more than 20 units they give you a discount. I also have a broken nose and have always thought I needed a nose job. But he suggested I try a filler to fill out my indentation and now I have a great looking nose and he saved me the pain and suffering and $ of surgery. Also very easy to get appts. If you're in the area stop by! You won't regret it.

I have been suffering with bad teethe grinding for years. i finally did some studying online and found botox can relax the jaw muscles. I called Dr to see if he treats this. I went in yesterday and he gave me 15 units on parts of each jaw. He told me it would take a full week, until the full effects would be felt. I feel better today, just some minor pain, butt the swelling i had when i cam in from the grinding is definitely better. Dr said I my need 5 units more each side, but lets see how I do with this first. i really like Dr Darush because he is caring, takes his time, and never over injects like many other places do. I will continue to go to him.

Dr. Darush is an absolute artist - he is kind, listens to what I am aiming to achieve, makes recommendations that are spot-on, and is flawless in his execution. I have always been ecstatically happy with the results, and would never stop coming here if I were not moving out of state!

I am so happy with my results of my Xeomin injections in my frown lines. Totally smooth in 3 days. There was no up sell with other products or procedures. Love the doctor and his front office staff. I will be back in 3-5 months!

Excellent service front and back office!!!. Dr. Darush genuinely cares and attends to your concerns promptly. The best hidden gem in the valley! Perhaps my favorite thing about Dr. Darush is that you can get your skin taken care of without having to sell a kidney in order to pay for it. His prices are more than reasonable and he never pressures you into buying anything you don't need or can't afford.

Highly recommend!

First off I must say that I was really blow away looking at my before and after pictures. This was my first time getting "fillers". I was a bit nervous, because of prior dealings (botox and laser) with over priced, under rated Dr.s in the valley, but, Dr. Darush made feel comfortable and relaxed throughout my visit and he has a way of injecting that is virtually painless.

My experience with Dr. Darush was incredibly positive. I am extremely satisfied with the procedures I had and will definitely be back for more. You can't beat the prices either!

This was my forth visit going to New Skin Laser Center for Radiesee. Dr. Darush has been very gentle with the injections and he explained the treatment very well. I have been very pleased with the results and I will continue going to New Skin Laser Center.

Dr. Darush is amazing and is very patient and kind. He is a great doctor!

I started coming here a couple of years ago for Botox because the price was right and the offices were in the valley.

I was kind of nervous to deal with Dr. Darush at first because I didn't want to hear criticism about other areas of my appearance that I couldn't afford to treat. I think that's a method to make you feel disempowered and buy more services. Don't fall for it. Accept that fact that aging is inevitable. Know what you can afford and what your goal is and stick to a plan. But anyway, I was also afraid of the up-sell from either the doctor or his staff. But that didn't happen.

The doctor was really pleasant. He has a way of injecting that causes very little discomfort and the entire procedure was more tolerable than I expected. And the results, well that's why I was there right? He asked what I wanted. I said I wanted my frown to go away but not look frozen. That's exactly what I got. Look, I hate to age but I think that frozen unemotional face looks scary. Since I don't want to look freakish, I just want to soften the effects of aging. That's what I got: my frown went away for a few months. I was completely satisfied with the results and I came back.

Then one time they called me and said they were having a special offer. I think it was $8 a unit instead of the usual $9. I really don't remember, but it was a discount. I booked immediately.

Now that I've been out of work for so long, I'm afraid the stress is showing in my attitude and my face. Wish they would call me now and offer a discount but, honestly, I probably would wait until I got a job again before I returned.

But when I do return, it's because the price is right and the service is really good. Also, I've been satisfied with the results. That's it.

Dr. Darush is so nice, and he always does such a great job. I come in every few months for botox. I love the way I look and feel after I get work done from him. Plus he's just a really nice, friendly guy. I recommend him to anyone. They get very busy and sometimes I have to wait in the lobby for a bit, but it's worth it! Good prices too (especially compared to Beverly Hills doctors).

Dr Darush is awesome! His very talented and patient and kind :) great doc!

I really love this place they have good products and service and the front desk ladies are nice and do try to help schedule you inn, if there's a wait its only cause the doctor is giving his patient 100 percent of his time he pays good attention to detail and is good at making u feel comfortable. Going back:)

Dr . Darush is the best and most knowledgeable doctor. He honestly takes time and makes sure all your questions are answered. I got juvederm ultra xc plus... going back for more on February 7 2013 yaaaaaaa!!! hes awesome and the results look amazing and natural! ohhh and dont forget about the prices unbeatable!

I LOVE DR.DARUSH !!! He is an outstanding provider. I am a nurse, so I am not a big fan of doctors , however, Dr. Darush is very patient and he listens. Whenever I come to Dr. Darush's office for dermal fillers he is always very pleasant and takes his time. Whatever problems I have he seems to ease all discomforts and makes me feel comfortable. His office staff is also very pleasant.

Please ladies if you are seeking dermal fillers Dr. Darush is a must and his prices are affordable.

Dr. Darush is a diamond in the rough

Okay I went here because it was close and they have specials on thursday and friday. All I can say is Dr. Darush is AWESOME! I didn't even feel the needle, he was professional, fair in his advice and said the botox would start in about 4 to 5 days, yeh well it has been 3 and is already taking effect. It looks great and this guy knows what he does hands down....receptionist was very nice and I got in right away, kudos Dr. Darush! Michele

Great prices and amazing results! I just had another session with the doctor last night. I was able to make an appointment with Dr. Darush last minute. Yes, I had to wait for a while to be seen but it was worth it! When he was with me, Dr. Darush took time to answer all my questions and took his time with the procedure; the results are fabulous!

I had the Botox (forehead, brow lift and a little for the crows feet) and the Juvederm Plus (enhanced my lips and laugh lines).

I am please to say that I've had long lasting results!! My last session was 5 months ago!

I am, once again, completely satisfied!

Thank you Dr. Darush!

Great results! Just had my Juvederm Ultra Plus session with Dr. Darush, the results are astounding. My laugh-lines are noticeably smoother and my lips are beautifully enhanced. I've had my lips enhanced elsewhere (Calabasas); however, Dr. Darush provided me with the best results. During our session, I was nervous that I'd end up asymmetrical; however, Dr. Darush is professional and patient and ensured that the results were to my liking. I love, love, love the results! I'm symmetrical, plumped and 100% satisfied. Needless to say, I'm staying with what works - Dr. Darush!

Dr. Alan Derush is a great Doctor; one of my friends told me about him and said he is interested in a happy patient not just getting you to spend money. I totally agree. I wish I had found him sooner, he is very pleasant and his work is good and his prices are fair. I have had botox previously from another Dermatologist several years ago and looked very bruised when I came out of the office and I spent twice as much and felt they must have diluted the botox as botox did not make much of a difference. When I had botox with Dr.Derush I have never once had a bruise, I feel he understands the muscle layers on the face and where you should have botox to enhance your features not make you look like a zombie who shows no expression. I also feel safer that he works in ER part of his week.
I'm so happy I have found a good Doc/Derm who will explain what he is doing, give you options and wants you to be happy with his work. I highly recommend him and his office staff who are very pleasant.

I have been to Dr Darush twice. My botox lasted 5 months the first time, That was great! He takes his time with his patients, so sometimes there is a bit of a wait. The office staff is friendly, and the prices are great. Plenty of parking. It is hard to find a Dr that doesn't up sell or rush with you, which he does not. He answers all questions and concerns. I will continue to go to him.

So far I have been very happy with the results of Botox and Juvederm here. The doctor always sees me quickly and is very attentive to my aesthetic desires. There was barely any pain. I will return and recommend this doctor and facility to others. Thank you so much!

I went in for my first Botox treatment today and was pleasantly surprised by how easy and painless the process was. The receptionist was very sweet and Dr Darush is very accommodating. He is very knowledgeable which was comforting and took the time to figure the best scenario for my budget. Im looking forward to the results! So far, not one side effect! The prices are great. I will definitely return.

I had radiesse, Juvederm and Botox at Newskin Laser. They have the best prices that is unbelievable. The office was busy but worth it because the doctor did the consultation and explained everything. Once you meet Dr. Darush, you'll know how honest he is. I've been going there now for over 3 years.

Freaking amazing. I used to shave every day now only tweeze once a month! And prices are super affordable ! Highly recommended

An amazing experience. I did not expect the level of service and attention to detail as I received here.

i made an appt and was there within 30 min... the Dr. saw me and shawn... i got 31 unite and shawn got 30.. both forehead and crows area... seems like a really nice guy.. they charge 9 bucks a unit which is great. I will let you know in a few days how it looks...oh i went in for Botox btw...

Lasar Hair Removal for my underarms and hohaw (full Brazilian). Best Desicion of 2010!! I have spent so much money on waxing my stubborn hair it's embarrassing not to mention I still had to deal with constant ingrowns. So when a couple of my colleagues mentioned NewSkin Laser about Botox and Laser Hair Removal, I had to make a decision fast.
So far I have had 3 treatments and have almost forgot I grow hair in the areas she's worked on. It's not a pleasant experience by any stretch but I saw results after the first treatment and knew it was worth it. Plus Norma is so encouraging- talking me through the whole experience, making sure Im satisfied, and being sensitive during the treatment (adjusting lasar intensity, offering a distraction vibrator which REALLY helps).
I love all of the front desk staff as well. They are super helpful and cheery, making sure everything is smooth and under control (like my unmentionables, hooray!).

Finally, An MD who listens and Actually injects Botox, Collagen like Juvederm and Radiesse. A place where they are honest and professional. I had a consult with Dr. Darush. Very honest, professional and he really listens to your concerns. I usually have Botox and Juvederm (for my lips). I found that Dr. Darush is the only one performing all of the injections. I tell you, he is very meticulous and gently with the injections. I love it because of the eyebrow lift, frown lines, and my lips are beautiful. Best of all, Dr. Darush has Botox Specials on Thursdays for only $9 per unit. I also got a $25 Gift Card (provided by Allergan) for my next appointment. This Gift card is apparently from Allergan to those Doctors that use alot of Botox. This tells me that Dr. Darush has alot of experience in Botox and Juverderm Injections. Make sure you get an appt. on thursdays for the $9 per unit special on Botox. Otherwise, Botox is $12 per unit. Life time client here and very happy. Thank You

I was shopping around for a place that could treat my rosacea with IPL, Botox and Radiesse. Of the four places I compared, Dr. Darush was the cheapest and most highly rated.

He is amazing. He is attentive, informative, warm, professional and very thorough. He makes what is understandably a mildly uncomfortable experience as painless as it can be. I have never had bruising, swelling, or even redness when he's done - he's THAT good. I could not be happier with both his style of work and the subsequent results. He's always recommending less Botox and less Radiesse (He's all about natural look) where as other doctors usually want you to use more.

He's super kind, and a wonderful person.

He's punctual, has a gentle hand, and is an expert at what he does. I saw improvements in my skin after my first treatment. (People generally tend do not to have much until the 2nd or 3rd treatment.)

His staff is also super nice and they actually remember you. They take the time to look over your file *before* your appointment.

A+++++ all the way. Highly recommended.

Went to NewSkin for juvederm in my lips and was so pleased! I had never had ANYTHING done so of course I was nervous. I only wanted a little bit to make my upper lip more even with my lower but not anything too dramatic or plump. I am by no means an easy patient and Dr. Darush was very great and helped me feel comfortable. I feel the outcome is very natural and satisfies my craving :)

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