3 Advantages of Choosing Dysport to Reduce Wrinkles

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Wrinkles are an unavoidable fact of life. With enough exposure to the sun over your lifetime, your skin gets affected by the movement of your facial muscles, creating wrinkles that become most visible in your forehead, around your mouth, and your eyes.

One of the most common ways to reduce wrinkles and smooth out the skin is Botox. But there’s another contender in the anti-wrinkle treatment game: Dysport. There’s a reason why our specialists at the NewSkin Laser Center uses this treatment method.

Below are three advantages of choosing Dysport to attain a natural, wrinkle-free look.

It’s faster

One of the biggest reasons to consider Dysport is the amount of time it takes for the treatment to take effect. On average, you’ll feel and see the difference within 36 hours, if not within the first 24 hours. Compared to this timeframe, the effects of Botox can take up to 72 hours to become visible.

This is because the formula for Dysport uses smaller molecules that allow the injection to spread rapidly to a large area, which means you can treat a larger area with fewer injections.

It’s more natural

In an early study with Dysport, patients who had received Dysport on one side and Botox on the other without knowing which injections were which showed a preference for the side of their face that had received Dysport.

At least for certain areas, Dysport can result in a smoother, more natural appearance than Botox, which can leave the face looking slightly paralyzed and unnatural. In comparison, only the facial muscles in the injected areas are relaxed with Dysport, leaving the rest of your face natural and free to move.

It’s more affordable

The pricing for anti-wrinkle treatments and injections are based on units per price. That is, the size of the treatment area and the required dosage will determine the final cost. A big advantage of Dysport is its lower price per unit.

At $3 per unit, patients who want to treat a small area can be sure that the price of the treatment remains affordable. For patients targeting larger areas, the lower price per unit can help them save costs compared to other types of treatments with a higher price per unit, which can quickly add up.

Reducing wrinkles with Dysport is more accessible and affordable than ever. Call NewSkin Laser Center today, or make an appointment to consult with our doctors and determine the right treatment plan for you.

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