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Learning to Love Your Body Again With SculpSure

Are you feeling “blah” about your body these days? Maybe you downright hate the way you look. SculpSure® is the FDA-approved, non- invasive, no-downtime, long-lasting way to get rid of stubborn fat and contour your body with the use of targeted light.

1. You won't miss the muffin top

Do you dream of the day that you can slip into a tight pair of jeans without pushing extra padding up and over the top? SculpSure may be the perfect answer for you. Wearing fitted tops with tight jeans isn't a worry with the contouring power of this procedure.

You eat a healthy diet and exercise, but you still can't seem to get the shape you love when you look in the mirror. Dr. Darush helps both men and women achieve it with this laser treatment that destroys up to 24% of targeted fat in Simi Valley and Northridge. 

2. Say “goodbye” to love handles

Your waist should be something to grab onto, not love handles. Because of them, you feel insecure when a significant other reaches around to hold you tight. You don't feel confident in a business suit, a swimsuit or a T-shirt.

You'll quickly learn to love a more shapely figure when you get this non-invasive laser procedure at the NewSkin Laser Center. It melts the fat away, leaving you with a slimmer, more contoured look and feel.

3. Win the “Thigh Gap Challenge”

Maybe you're this close to having the perfect thigh gap, or perhaps thigh gaps aren't that important to you. You simply want to love the shape of your thighs again. They seem flabby to you.

SculpSure uses a targeted laser to eliminated stubborn fat on the thighs. Once that fat is eliminated, those fat cells don't come back.

4. Get the Perfect Butt

They say “big butts are in” thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. Regardless of what others say or think, maybe you're just not comfortable with the size or shape of your rear end. You want to love your butt. You deserve to love what you see. You can with FDA-approved SculpSure.

Love the shape you see in the mirror. This 25-minute procedure helps reshape and define your buttocks.

Here's the best part. There's no downtime! Do it on your lunch break. You're back at work or play the same day. You can't say that about more invasive procedures.

5. Forget about skin sag

Skin sag is always a concern with weight loss. Liposuction and other rapid weight loss systems often leave people with folds of skin. You've lost the excess fat but still can't love your body because of folds, gathers or paper bag crinkles.

SculpSure is different. If you have good skin tone and are well-hydrated, this procedure leaves you with better-looking, tighter skin. In fact, a notable study showed this. Researchers performed liposuction on one side of participants. They applied targeted lasers (SculpSure) on the other side of the same participant. On each participant, the laser-treated side had firmer, healthier-looking, more supple skin than the liposuction side.

Don't undergo a procedure only to be left unhappy with loose skin. SculpSure is the answer.

6. Have the perfect hips

A great set of hips defines a person. They perfectly fill out slacks, jeans or a skirt. Inversely, they may seem bulging and oversized for your body. Get the hips that make you look great in anything you wear with this non-invasive procedure.

7. Get lasting results

Your lymphatic system knows what you do. When it sees the warmed fat cells that Dr. Darush targeted with light beams, it knows to carry them away from the area to be excreted from your body. Once your body removes fat cells, they don't grow back. About six weeks after the procedure, most patients notice a big change. Full results become apparent at about 12 weeks.

Just keep eating healthily and exercising, and you'll get to love these results for a very long time. You'd have to gain a lot of weight to undo the benefits of this procedure.

Do you love what you see in the mirror? Are you just 15–20 pounds away from liking what you see? The NewSkin Laser Center can help. Book online today.

Sculpsure treatments are performed at NewSkin Laser Center in Simi Valley.  We are currently serving clients in Moorpark, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Oxnard and Ventura. 

Getting Rid of Fat with Sculpsure vs Fat Dissolve Kybella

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