Melting Away Stubborn Body Fat With Non Invasive Lasers

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If you’re looking to start the new year with slimmer, sleeker body contours, body sculpting with noninvasive SculpSure® could be just what you’re looking for. SculpSure is an FDA-cleared in-office procedure that uses the power of laser energy to heat and “melt away” pockets of stubborn fat in the belly, thighs, butt, love handles and hips. Since there’s no surgery (and no incisions), SculpSure is associated with a much faster healing time than more invasive options like liposuction, and you can also expect your recovery time to be a lot faster and a lot more comfortable.

Laser lipolysis: Melting your fat

SculpSure uses a technology called laser lipolysis to heat up fat cells, breaking down fat cell walls and liquefying fat in areas that just don’t respond well to diet and exercise. Unlike traditional and laser-assisted liposuction procedures that use incisions and surgical “vacuums” to suck out fat, SculpSure relies on your body’s natural waste-disposal processes to absorb and carry away the liquefied fat debris so you can enjoy slimmer lines without incisions and surgery.

The SculpSure system uses a special applicator designed to release controlled bursts of laser energy, transmitting that energy to specific layers of tissue where fat cells are located. The patented delivery system helps ensure the energy is delivered right to the target area for results that are smooth, precise and predictable. Of course, since it’s a noninvasive technique, SculpSure can’t remove the same amount of fat as liposuction. But it can be an ideal solution for people who are at or near their ideal weight and who just want to remove fat in specific areas. It’s also great for people who’ve plateaued in their weight loss efforts and need some help to get the more refined results they’re looking for.

During and after SculpSure: What to expect

At NewSkin Laser, SculpSure treatments are performed in comfortable private rooms to create a completely relaxing environment. At the beginning of your treatment session, the doctor places the SculpSure applicator over the treatment area. The applicator is designed to stay in place throughout your treatment to help ensure the most consistent results. The applicator’s special design features a cooling element to keep your skin cool while the laser energy heats up the fatty tissue below the skin’s surface. As the laser energy is emitted, you’ll feel alternating sensations of warm and cool temperatures. Patients report the sensations can be very relaxing. Your entire session will only take about 30 minutes, and afterward, you’ll be able to resume your normal activities without any downtime.

Since SculpSure relies on your body to carry away the liquefied fat left after your treatment, it can take a few weeks for you to start seeing your results. Most patients notice the initial results beginning at about six weeks after treatment, but it can take about 12 weeks to see the final results. Depending on the amount of fat you’d like to have removed, you might need to schedule a series of two or three treatment sessions spaced a few months apart. And guess what? Since SculpSure destroys your fat cells, they’re gone for good and they won’t come back. You can still gain weight in surrounding areas of course, so to maintain your sleeker contours, it’s still important to eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise.

Get the body you want with SculpSure

Stubborn pockets of diet- and exercise-resistant fat can make you feel self-conscious and unattractive. Why not make 2019 the year of looking — and feeling — your best? Noninvasive SculpSure is a great way to get rid of stubborn fat without invasive surgery. To find out how SculpSure treatments at NewSkin Laser Center can help you reach your goals this year, book an appointment online today.


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